Worlds Smartest Computer

Worlds Smartest Computer

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The smartest computer in the world also has the dirtiest mouth, we already knew ken jennings thought ibm s jeopardy-winning supercomputer was a dick but he s not alone developers at ibm were forced to wipe part of watson s memory once they realized their hyperintelligent computer had turned into a bit of a smartass once he was the insurmountable apogee of. Nova - official website smartest machine on earth, smartest machine on earth pbs airdate february 9 2011 narrator the stage is set for a showdown the world will be watching all eyes will be on one competitor but he s not breaking a sweat we re not talking nerves of steel more like a rock-solid memory of silicon. The smartest computers in the world - business insider, the smartest computers in the world gus lubin and robert johnson sep 17 2011 8 13 am 51 718 facebook linkedin twitter email copy link america s fastest computer wikipedia commons ibm s watson computer astonished the world in february when it won a jeopardy match against two human contestants this week watson got a job at wellpoint health insurance as a consultant in honor of this we.

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