What Punch Goes With Cake

What Punch Goes With Cake

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What beverages should i serve at a cake party kitchn, as far as beverages go i think that having a milk bar with chocolate strawberry and vanilla milk in mason jars on ice could actually be super-sweet and retro see leela s recipe for strawberry milk here. Drinks that go with chocolate cake leaftv, there are many drinks to go with chocolate cake that will enhance the pleasure of eating your dessert a rich dark chocolate cake is delicious paired with milk coffee wine or stout you have choices in each of these four categories to add a personal touch to a delectable drink paired with your favorite chocolate cake. What kind of punch should i serve with chocolate cake for, i would love to have berry flavoured punch with chocolate cake like raspberry or strawberry just pick out a fruit juice mix it with some seven up or ginger ale or whatever clear pop you can get then add a bunch or fresh fruit crush some of the fruit to make a paste and mix it in and slice some of it so it floats around.

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