The Trumpet Of The Swan

The Trumpet Of The Swan

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The trumpet of the swan e b white fred marcellino, swan song like the rest of his family louis is a trumpeter swan but unlike his four brothers and sisters louis can t trumpet joyfully in fact he can t even make a sound. The trumpet of the swan 2001 - imdb, directed by terry l noss richard rich with jason alexander mary steenburgen reese witherspoon seth green it s a high-flying adventure when louie a mute trumpeter swan is given the gift of a trumpet and finds his voice. The trumpet of the swan - wikipedia, the trumpet of the swan is a children s novel by e b white published in 1970 it tells the story of louis pronounced loo-ee by the author in the audiobook a reference to trumpeter louis armstrong a point that is made explicit in the book a trumpeter swan born without a voice who overcomes this difficulty by learning to play a trumpet in.

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