Canvas Experimental Webgl

Canvas Experimental Webgl

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Webgl - wikipedia, design webgl 1 0 is based on opengl es 2 0 and provides an api for 3d graphics it uses the html5 canvas element and is accessed using document object model dom interfaces webgl 2 0 is based on opengl es 3 0 and made guaranteed availability of many optional extensions of webgl 1 0 and exposes new apis automatic memory management is provided implicitly by javascript. Webgl specification - khronos group, if the user agent supports both the webgl and experimental-webgl canvas context types they shall be treated as aliases for example if a call to getcontext webgl successfully creates a webglrenderingcontext a subsequent call to getcontext experimental-webgl shall return the same context object the drawing buffer the drawing buffer into which the api calls are rendered shall be. Webgl browser report - browserleaks com, webgl browser report checks webgl support in your web browser produce webgl device fingerprinting and shows the other webgl and gpu capabilities more or less related web browser identity.

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